“E come a gracidar si sta la rana
Col muso fuor dell’acqua, quando sogna
Di spigolar sovente la villana”...
Inferno, Canto XXXII - Dante, Divina Commedia

la villana La Villana

A clean refreshing Golden Ale. Its peppery citrus scent gives way to a light body, ending with a dry, slightly bitter finish, which makes it extremely pleasant to drink. Ideal for every mood. [ 4,5% ABV]

“Stavvi Minòs, orribilmente, e ringhia:
essamina le colpe ne l’intrata;
giudica e manda secondo ch’avvinghia”...
Inferno, Canto V- - Dante, Divina Commedia

La Serpe La Serpe

Our amber California Common style beer offers sweet malty notes together with slight herbaceous hints. Its body is characterized by a faint toasted flavour closing with a dry finish. Just enjoy it! [ 5,4% ABV]

“Al fine de le sue parole il ladro
le mani alzò con amendue le fiche,
gridando: Togli, Dio, ch’a te le squadro!”...
Inferno, Canto XXV - Dante, Divina Commedia

La Bestemmia La Bestemmia

Inspired by Belgian beers, this is a Strong Ale with notes of dried fruit and cloves. Its strong astonishing flavour ends up in a surprisingly dry and slightly bitter end, due to hop rather than to alcohol. Just blasphemous? [ 7,7% ABV]

“Ahi quanto a dir qual era è cosa dura
esta selva selvaggia e aspra e forte
che nel pensier rinova la paura!”...
Inferno, Canto I - Dante, Divina Commedia

La Selva La Selva

Dark, it recalls the Irish Stoutbeers. Appealing scents of cocoa, liquorice and coffee followed by a tasty toasted flavour and a slightly sour touch that strike a perfect balance. Get ready for an inspiring trip into this “forest dark”… [ 5% ABV]

we make beer

right in the land of wine

This is no challenge, but an alternative way to look at our land itself.
Alternative, just like our way of thinking and our attitude for life.
High quality ingredients, passion and all the crazy little things we did together: here is what you'll find in our beers! Cheers!

our history

Back in 1998 three high-school mates, together with some other friends, gave birth to the “drink’n’roll” music band named TeleSpallaBob. From that moment on Stefano, Giulio and Marco were like one thing. They decided to move and share the so-called “house of jokes”, where they basically started to appreciate high-quality beer and they became passionate for handcraft beer. When a beer shop opened in town they consolidated their passion and, beer after beer, they decided to start their professional training: Giulio as a professional taster, Marco as a sommelier and restaurant owner, Stefano studying at C.E.R.B. -Institute for Technical Brewers- in Perugia and working in a pub. A common project called Beer was born! Their next step was all about homebrewing, studying and trying to come up with original recipes which could be a sort of mirror of themselves. Very important to their project were different collaborations with breweries such as Calibro22, Mostodolce, Brùton, Archi and well-known pubs, like La Birroteca di Greve. Chianti shire was chosen as a perfect place to base their brewery, a place where different precious aspects eventually come together: the incomparable beauty of the landscape, the fascinating history of this land, thousands of different people from all around the world who come here looking for the famous "black rooster" wine - which seems so far away from beer, but it is very close to it indeed! Locating the brewery in Radda in Chianti, with a 17000 fl oz tank and the cellar, was the last step before the history of Chianti Brew Fighters was ready to begin.


Via Guido Rossa, 10/C
53017 Radda in Chianti (Siena)
P.IVA 01409620521
REA SI 145466
+39 366 8370024

The brewery is open for direct selling. On demand, guided tours and tasting.